Eleanor MacFarlane

Artist Writer Researcher

Saatchi Art prints

This is a selection from my collection of prints available on Saatchi Art


Myriad. Paradoxical Images.

Abstracting and then layering imagery offers multiple aspects and meanings.

Within an eye: a tree, a sky, a hand. 

Prints 12 x 16 inches on canvas


Saatchi Art  saatchiart.com/eleanor-macfarlane


More available at Saatchi Art  saatchiart.com/eleanor-macfarlane

Wearable Art EMF


This is a selection of wearable art, scarves and art-inspired clothing available to order at my VIDA site:


More online, and regular additions to my collection.

VIDA is a wonderful enterprise working with freelance artists and designers. They manufacture custom clothing on demand, so only produce what is wanted.

Working with makers in Pakistan, VIDA produces beautiful quality clothing responsibly, and runs a literacy programme. What's not to love?

All designs available in a range of modal (from beech trees), cashmere and silk scarves, silk and cotton squares, sleeveless and tee tops, and sheer wraps. 


  Skyline design VIDA eleanormacfarlane 


  Dream Painting design VIDA eleanormacfarlane 


  Insight design VIDA eleanormacfarlane 


  Metal Rocks design VIDA eleanormacfarlane 


  Blue Bottles design VIDA eleanormacfarlane


  Piano design VIDA eleanormacfarlane